Howdy all! Its your good ol develeopmenteriengeineering pal, Jay!

We have a lot of ground to cover, so lets dive right in!


There have been 8 Commits over this past week, and around 4881 lines of code written. With love. :)


Ill place a good amount of money on the fact that a lot of you hate light themed UI. Which is why we are goin darker than the void of space.
Take a gander for yourself, and make sure to give us plenty of feedback!

Scripting Changes


I am sure a lot of y'all out there have used various libraries, and know what they are. We created a new component system that will allow you create custom properties for your object, but also store lots of code that you will be using across multiple objects, while only having to edit one source file. Components will make your life easier, and they will be making a good majority of the APIs that you will use during your time while programming in Novuvu.


Lets talk callbacks. Novovu uses a purely callback event system, I am sure you probably have used something like that before and just didn't know what it was. But basically, its saying do this when that happens, like I want my program to do some cool things with objects when I press the w key. Most of the callback events will be used in components, as mentioned earlier.

Why Javascript.

A question I do get a lot- is why Javascript? Well

Let's go do some googlin' on Javascript. We find that it is:

Multi Paradigm - meaning multiple people with different programming styles can really a do great at working with Novovu, compared to other languages which force you into a completely different mindset.

Async Event Driven - Very simple: you don't wait in Javascript. Your supposed to do a lot of your work off making everything Async, in layman's terms, Callbacks.

Easy to pick up - Any past programmer who has done any work really, can easily pick Javascript up. For new programmers, it teaches a lot about programming without having to do a lot of the hard work a language like C# or Java may have, while also remaining super powerful and expendable.

Razer Chroma Support

This was a fun project to work on, but now you can basically control keyboard and mouse effect lighting with a few lines of code.

That's all for now! See you next week.

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