Howdy-do y'all! It is I, Jay! Here delivering some juicy information about the Novovu client.


A new server was created using our own protocol I call it "Novovu Connection Protocol" its a 15 step process on ensuring all clients connect to the server safely and securely. Of course everything will be sent in an encrypted layer of the dashing AES 256 Encryption algorithm.

Also I had to rewrite the entire Server architecture to support a new protocol called "HLTCP" for the nerds and geeks in our audience it is: Hostname Linked TCP. Basically where I can bind to hostnames which makes routing users to the right server much easier. Gee willakers - that was fun...


Ill be frank - not much done with the client due to my primary focus being the server, however lots of bugs were fixed (7) thats almost one bug per day!

One thing that did happen though, was that I added the Holy Holy object API! Well the beginnings of it. You can now do basic object manipulation with Novovu- hooray!

QA Testers and Openings

Congratulations to the following lovely individuals for attaining the holy role of QA Tester.

Stay tuned this week for some job openings with development for the client as well as server architecture.

That'll do for now y'all! Stay toasty!

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