Howdy yalll! Its been awhile, but I am back after a short hiatus of watching Minecraft lets plays.

Xenon.PreAlpha.0.11 changelog

  • Added better error reporting, so then we can smash bugs easier
  • After an eternity, the plugin engine was finished, and added to this version
  • Fixed 2 bugs that had to do with the file creation that corresponded with objects
  • Added version detection on NVG files, so then things are more compatabaler
  • Added a Remove Object button, as well as a Duplicate object button.

Script Performance

Its time for a lesson on script peformance- Yaay!
In 0.12, scripts will no longer be able to create threads. Instead a new CPU performance engine will be inserted, where threads for different loop functions will be created or destroyed based on resource allocations. This means that execution of a loop in a script will be timed, and if it bogs down time during the script execution thread, then a new thread will be allocated so then frames will stay stable even when intense calculations are being performed.

Ill give two explanations for this, one for the average person, and one for the super-user technology enthusiest.

Average Person
So scripts will be sent to be executed by different parts of the CPU if they are bogging down the main script loop, all scripts will have the ability to listen an event every time the script tick is called. While loops will be discouraged, as they dont give this new technology a chance, and will instead use more of the CPU than using the event tick.

Super User
So the Engine will be running 2 different threads, so a potato processor can still support Novovu. The first thread will be the draw thread, and the second thread will be the script thread. So if a script is taking more time to perform their event tick, then they will be allocated to their own thread (if resources allow) so then they can chug along and no performance issues will cause a traffic jam.

I can't wait to try it out on Novovu, and calculate Pi to the 1000000000th digit.

The future of the workshop.

Right now, the workshop is "lite" meaning, by no means is it final. It is there just so then I can build new features into the engine, and start creating all the cool Novovu libraries and they have a place to be. Its merely just a placeholder for now.

By the end of June to July, I hope to deliver more information or even some pictures of something so new, that I have to invent a word for it. Deferred Development Suite

What is a (DDS)?
Well, its a collection of software based on what members of the team are doing what. For example,

Level Designers
They get their own software that isnt riddled with buttons they will never use, or functions that clog up their interface. It will purely be for level designing, so placing down buildings, using models in a cloud library, lighting, foliage etc.

These people will have functions such as importing their model, importing their animations, applying shaders and post effects to the model before going to the Level Designer, and uploading to the cloud.

They will have advanced debugging, performance options, the ability to have buttons that insert lines of code, wiki widgets on the sidebars.

A piece of software dedicated to marketing their game, publishing their game, and organizing their team.

Of course, we love our solo developers, which is why we will also have a software that will combine all of these things into an interface where they can switch from. If you have ever used Autodesk's Fusion 360, it will probably be structured like that.

None of these features are confirmed to go in, and are just there to show potential

Of course, all of these tools will be cloud oriented, and I plan on allowing our premium users to never have to worry about saving to a hard drive ever again.

QA Testers

QA Testing applications have opened up!
^^ Application Link ^^

Jobs and openings (June)

In June, Novovu plans on expanding to allow the following positions, stay tuned for more information if these interest you.

Sr. Developer for Level Design Suite
Sr. Developer for Modeler Suite
Sr. Developer for Programmer Suite
Consultant - Level Design Tools
Consultant - Model Tools
Consultant - Programming Tools

Jr. Developer for Engine

Thanks for letting me ramble on and geez, 700 words, this was fun to write.

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