Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Ill start with the bad first. (I also have an extreme headache so bear with me!)

Heres a nice song to read this to!

Unfortunately, there were delays. Why you may ask? Because I care about the quality of the product I put out. I care deeply about my work and I will not ship some work that I decided it is not my best work. Which is why I will be delaying the workshop keynote. I did this because I don't want to disappoint you all with a product I don't believe is my best work. Apart of any development process there will always be setbacks, and unfortunately they are taking their roots now. I will do my best to ensure that I make this up to you all.

And the good news is...

Well a few things, keep on the lookout very soon for a video of a demonstration of our engine graphics, and some of its other features. I promise it wont disappoint y'all.

Novovu Staff Growth

In Devblog 12, there will be information about joining the Novovu client/engine development team as well as any other positions that might arise.

New QA Testers

  • Matthijs
  • Jakub
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • zachpd03
  • Viggo
  • Miklo
  • Ankur
  • Galaxy

Statistics and Commits to the Engine this week

  • Redid the basic framework for the Xenon Engine
  • Created new Lighting Engine (11 changed files with 146 additions and 68 deletions)
  • Created new AnimatedModel type (7 changed files with 202 additions and 29 deletions)
  • Created new 3D Sound Engine (10 changed files with 168 additions and 79 deletions)
  • Created new Particle Engine (15 changed files with 864 additions and 29 deletions)
  • Created new Material System (10 changed files with 457 additions and 31 deletions)

Feature Dive into the new Xenon engine

So lets first say, there are two iterations of the Xenon engine, the first iteration is what I like to call "Krabby Deluxe." Its gross.

I decided I wanted to make a new more extensible iteration, so that is exactly what I did. I am working on creating the Xenon "For reals" iteration, which is what all those commits are for. So as my boy Philly Defranco would say, lets just dive into it!

Lighting Engine

Lights are cool, like really cool. We didn't do your standard point light mumbo jumbo, we are creating a dynamic lighting engine where users can be able to set custom specular, emmissive and diffusion settings for their neat lights.

3D Sound

You can basically make sounds exist in certain areas! The instance that handles the "listener" for the 3D Sound would be the camera object.

Particle System

It is your standard ol' particle system! It looks very very very epic. Cool effects can be combined with the particles and you can write neat equations for the particles to travel on in a 3D spectrum, if you dont care to code the particles from bare scratch.

Material System.

Instead of using HLSL/ GLSL shaders we will be using a Material system that will allow you to add NormalMaps, Specular Maps, as well as set reflection values for the material.

Good news, my headache is all better!

Make sure to drink plenty of water, and don't drink so much caffeine that you go through withdrawals when you don't have your caramel macchiato in the morning. I know from experience.

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