We're not dead! I have a lot to go over this devblog so lets get didly done started!

Web Developers Stuff

Straight off the press, our lovely web developer, Sushi has been working his tail off (laugh if u get this) on making avatar rendering work. The average render time for an avatar on our website is an astounding 350 miliseconds, and the average page load time is 1.5 seconds, and all of this is tested on a very low resource bearing server, meaning it can only get better!

Website Stuffs done this week

Profile pages
Friends system
Private Messaging(inbox)
Most of the backend for settings
Decent progress on groups

  • This all done by edward because he is an op boss

Engine Developmenteeringist

Our lovely engine has gotten some well needed tune ups in regards to how we do lighting and ensuring that the models actually look up to our standards! Also, FBX models can also be loaded with their materials intact so they can look as dashing as they are in blender or your preferred rendering platform.

I also hope that during the next devblog, I can add some well needed pictures video and lots of other neat content.

More Release Informations

Lets talk about the Novovu release plan.

Client Release vs Workshop Release

The Novovu Workshop will be released before the client is released. While the engine itself is very close to being finished, the interface for the workshop is still under development, by our very good and new developer 6pak. The client as well as multiplayer will be release I am hoping 2 weeks after we get our workshop out there. This is so we can design our server infrastructure in a way that suits all of our players.

Features features features

Weekly patches will be coming to the Novovu Workshop for at least a month after release. These patches will be major updates that might add 1-2 big features, and quite a few bug fixes. We are planning on a agile development schedule that will allow us to ensure that we meet our targets, while also staying on top of what our users want.