Get ready for a feature rich devblog, Lets get some funky music playing

Engine Stuffs

We have a lot of cool things that I cant wait to show y'all so lets hop on in!


The Novovu Engine now has particles! You can now manipulate your shooting pieces of jpegs with these cool properties

  • MaxParticles
  • Duration
  • MinHorizontalVelocity
  • MaxHorizontalVelocity
  • MinVerticalVelocity
  • MaxVerticalVelocity
  • Gravity (Particle Direction)
  • EndVelocity
  • MinRotateSpeed
  • MaxRotateSpeed
  • MinStartSize
  • MaxStartSize
  • MinEndSize
  • MaxEndSize

Dont worry I didnt forget the images!


You can now animate your models!
Add as many clips you want and have our lovely engine take care of it all

Basic Materials

I have been hard at work on trying to create a basic material shader for general purpose.

Create your own glass balls with
(i know it was a cube u w0t m8?)

Or use some blocks of brick


We got ourselves a lovely new developer who will be handling the construction of the cool workshop. His name is 6pak and he is an amazing c# developer! Look for some updates regarding the workshop in the next devblog!

Heres our home-made, home-brewed, home everything mockup of the workshop!

-- and yes we have mesh deformation, -zach.


Hi, it's my time to shine. (Zach)

Novovu's site is going well in terms of progress for our goal of launching around July 20th. Let's talk about infastructure...

Novovu will be using AWS (Amazon Web Services) for it's gameservers (EC2) and for CDN/Storage for UGC (User Generated Content) we will be using AWS S3. Along with this our site is using Cloudflare to ensure our sites speed is up to par as shown below.

We use Cloudflare Argo to dramatically speed up our site for users on desktop and mobile around the globe.



Moderation of UGC

Novovu will be using AWS Rekog API's to automatically detect explicit imagery (and videos in the future) to enhance our moderation process, if an image is wrongfully flagged/automatically removed by the API then the user has the option to 'Dispute" it, which gets automatically sent into our manual approval queue. All images (t-shirts, shirts, decals, etc) that pass the image recognition API will be sent to manual approval (humans) as well.

As we all know humans are better than robots and hopefully always will be.

User Feedback Commitment

After the release of Novovu, we are openly accepting all feedback and user suggestions to make Novovu better. We will have an official system after the release of Novovu to directly submit feedback and ideas to us, users will be credited for their contributions via rewards.

Community Team

Also after the release of Novovu, we are setting up an official livestream schedule everyweek with giveaways such as Xbox One's, PS4's, giftcards, promo codes, Discord Nitro, Novovu merch, and more.

Our goal with our community team is to bring our users first when it comes to everything we do at Novovu. Our users are the powerhouse.

In the following years post-launch we hope to be attending events such as PAX East, South, and West. Also GDC and other gaming events in the United States.

Thank you.

Thank you from the entire team here at Novovu for being with us on this journey so far. We highly encourage you to discuss ideas, feedback, and ask questions in our Official Discord server as our staff will always read each and every single one.

since you made it this far... to the pro modelers out there this video was made by zach w/ no polishing. sorry for any cringe.