Look at that bear! He just be sittin there tho.

We haven't made a developer blog in a really long time, and by that I mean we haven't made a devblog since 8 months... Yikes. Well I still have regained my distinct love to writing to our lovely community, but I just haven't been able to tell y'all what we have been doing. Strap in your seatbelts and let's get ready to go!

Web Stuffs

Our awesome web developers have been going to town on building us a really cool website, and that we are hoping to send it off to QA very very soon!
Here's what our awesome code monkeys have on the hotplate

  • Light and Dark Themes (For our vampires or vampire hunters)
  • Fully working friends system (Because friendship is the fuel of prosperity)
  • Forum w/ tags (Finally, a place to argue about how you pronounce "gif")
  • Inbox w/ messaging (So you can also get spam and then feel important)
  • Shop system (Gotta have to have a place to spend your hard earned currency)
  • Character customization (You are special!)

A lot of y'all have been wondering "What is gonna be the darn currency" and we have finally settled with a really neat name: Rubies

Not only is it my birthstone but it is also all of our favorite gem! Have you ever looked at a ruby and through "dang this looks not valuable?" - of course not!

Engine and workshop stuffs

The engine has gotten a lot of tune-ups recently, mainly in support of a new material design system that will allow users to make powerful shaders and interface with the engine like no other.

The workshop has been chugging along (I won't spoil y'all tho) while using the awesome Argon UI Framework.

Why are we going incognito?

Simple thing: We want to do things right. We are spending a lot of time trying to make sure that we get things done, and do it right. We have noticed that as we keep going along, our ideas change rapidly as we feel we want to add on to a feature or its something we need to level down. Just rest assured we are going as fast as we can while also trying to move along.

Happy one year anniversary

Oh yeah, Novovu is also now ONE YEAR OLD wow! We turned 1 on February 23rd! Happy Birthday Novovu!


Thanks for sticking with us all this way, this is an amazing journey and we still haven't put ourselves into full throttle. Join our Official Discord for some awesomeness and to be able to discuss ideas and suggestions with us. We can't wait to hear what you have to say!