Howdy ho, whats up fellas its time for a Devblog right off the press. We missed you over the fun of Easter break (Our developers deserve it)

Plugin Time

The engine now supports plugins! Hurray!!! Plugins have the ability to do everything from create new tab pages to adding more shading controls to doing stuff with scripts to directly taking control of the rendering engine itself.


Thanks to our magnificent developer, Sushi we now have cool website renders that in my opinion look pretty amazeballs.

Whats planned

Well I am proud to say that development for the engine is starting to slow down- this is not a bad thing, but mostly everything is done. However I want to make sure it is perfect, and well supported so they everyone can get started right away on release.

A lot of the front end web development will be done this week so be on the lookout next devblog to see some pretty pictures of our website.

On May 31st I am proud to announce our game engine keynote. This keynote will start with a game that is premade and then I will dive into every nook and cranny about the engine and using plugins to make it to its full potential.

Speaking of engines, lets chat!

I wan't our engine to be great, but I alone cant make it great. Which is why I want the plugin system to be a huge part of Novovu. I wan't our community members to be able to make great things, but after looking at so many other models for engines, plugins are really what make's an engine great. Which is why after the Engine keynote, there will be a plugin SDK that will be made public for all of our brilliant developers in the community out there to get started with making their cool plugins for the engine.

I can't believe summer is almost around the corner. geez. Toodles!

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