Howdy all It is I, Senior Jay! Here to deliver you another juicy mouth watering devblog.

Neat Stuffs with the Engine

The engine now has a framework in place to support 3D Sound! That means that an object in your games can emit a sound and based off of a few cool neat things it can determine which sounds of soundlyness meet your spoiled ears.

Whats the deal with plugins?

Novovu is going to heavily rely on a good beautiful thing called a plugin for a lot of user features. Don't worry- I myself will be making a lot of plugins for those users who really want to get in with it.

Plugins will be written in C# and they will be using our handcrafted Plugin SDK to do neat things like

  • Draw things on that screen of yours
  • Add Objects to your game
  • Make custom script functions for your scripts that will execute a piece of csharp the plugin defines
  • Do stuff with components
  • Make your life easier

Question and Answer

how did u come up with the name novovu?

Good question, we spent a few days deciding our name back in mid to late feburary and we decided that Novovu was the best, because we are special snowflakes and we like inventing new things and being unique as thats what makes us special also the domain wasn't taken which is a huge plus

what are your plans/goals for novovu?

To create a platform that is just plain free and liberated for a user's creativity. We want to create a platform for games to have no limits while also be able to not worry about the hard stuff and focus on just having fun and making a great game.

How does Novovu aim to bring up it's first few games, will they be usermade or will the staff be making a couple of games to try retain initial player base?

I will be making a game of my own (it will be open source of course) just to demonstrate the uses of the engine itself. We will be allowing early access to the actual game editor after the keynote that has been scheduled in May.

Will there be WebGL support?

Our framework does support the use of a web output - however, this means that a lot of code will be needed to port to a web version including the engine itself. I don't see that happen in the near future.

will there be a wiki to learn how to script?

Of course! Developer resources is what we are going to heavily target as a platform. We really care alot about our game developers and we want to make sure they not only know how to use our tools well but also use them.

We are inching closer to release!

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