Goooood (Insert time of day here) everyone! It's your pal Jay here ready to deliver your weekly Devblog hot and fresh!

Lets start off with some exciting engine news
A lot of backend integrations happened this week in regards to the server and setting it up to where users can run their own server sided scripts. This entire week has been devoted to making the server infrastructure tick and work finely greased. Here are some cool things to show you we have been working!

  • Finished Inital routing Server -Jay M
  • Added Two Layers of Socket Encryption -Jay M
  • Finished main TCP Framework with a new protocol for servers -Jay M
  • 3 Bugs and suggestions were closed.

Now, if Node JS server frameworks dont excite you, then its time for some delicious website news!

  • Added Backend Item Purchasing -Sushi (Mittens)
  • API for Forum -Sushi (Mittens)
  • API for Shop -Sushi (Mittens)
  • API for Games -Sushi (Mittens)
  • API for register -Sushi (Mittens)
  • Frontend Login Page -Bob | Sev
  • Frontend Register Page -Bob | Sev

Hope the Spring allergies dont keep you up at night (they do for me they are awful!)

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