Welcome to Novovu, a free platform to create, socialize, and learn the heart of game development.

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Our goal

Our mission with Novovu is to provide users around the world a utility to create games at the low cost of free. To then share these creations with friends and family, while in return eventually earning from monetization. Our team believes in using Novovu as a learning hub for newcomers to game development.

Our team

We have a decently sized team of developers, community reps, and executives with the same mission and inspiration. Here are some of our leads:

Zach - CEO  //  Sushi - Lead Web Dev  //  Jay - Lead Game Dev  //  Puffle - CM

No child's play

We are not a platform targeted towards younger generations, but that does not mean it's never too early to begin learning game development on Novovu. What we mean by no child's play is, developers and users will not be treated as children. We have the goal of creating a professional, friendly, and cooperative development environment no matter if you are 14 or 21 years of age.

With this comes less filtering and less younger audience marketed/curated content.

Our game engine

Our game development team is amazing, Novovu will have a proprietary game engine. With this comes our game client for Windows, MacOS, and mobile outlets eventually. Also our Workshop.

Our goal is to allow developers to be able to push the limits and do amazing things with our game engine.  

Novovu Workshop Lite (ALPHA 0.1)


We are working on an official Novovu wiki where developers can learn how to create content using our game engine and code.


We will have two types of currencies on Novovu.

Novo's - Cash (the dominate currency, used for official curated items.)
Vovu's - Tokens/Coins (less dominate, both convertible.)

Avatar Customization & Items

Novovu will have official curated items called hats. Users can then create their own T-Shirts, Shirts, Pants, and more to sell in the shop.

Community Team

We have a dedicated community engagement team that will be hosting and managing livestreams, events, giveaways, and more on Novovu.

We are very excited with what this team will come up with before and after our official launch.


Our goal is to have Novovu released in beta around early summer of 2019.

How to keep updated

Our team actively uses our official Discord as an outlet of communication between us and our user base. You can also follow our Twitter.

https://www.twitter.com/NovovuGame - Official Novovu Twitter
https://discord.gg/6DEwJvb - Official Novovu Discord
https://www.twitch.tv/novovu - Official Novovu Twitch

Thank you!

We thank you for joining us on this journey.