Hello everyone, It is I, The Computer Man, Zach.

We are in the stages of where we need to decide, design, and implement our official Novovu avatar in which users will customize, play games with, and express themselves across the platform.

Recently in our Official Discord we have asked our users a set of questions with images of example avatars of what people like most, people voted on 3 options.

Full Humanoid - completely human looking avatar, tall, not very unisex, might come to kidnap you at night, etc.

Semi-Humanoid - less human looking but still an alien form, medium sized, unisex, might also haunt your dreams.

Less Realistic / Blocky - less human looking, friendly, easy to customize and animate, let's be friends.

The majority of our community voted for a semi-humanoid avatar, but we then made these guys:

Novovu's Custom Blocky Avatars

We personally as a team really love these avatar figures, but have received some concerns in regards to being child-friendly, unrealistic, too much like some other company but more cool, etc.

So let's get some facts down.

With the blocky style, toon style, figure avatar users will be able to have a full range of customizability in terms of clothing and more. With a humanoid avatar this is harder to achieve with lighting, rendering, anti-lag, and clothing customization. Our end goal is to have an avatar that expresses the user no matter their gender in a way that they want with unlimited possibilities.

To address concerns of "child-friendly attractiveness," we strictly prohibit anyone below 13 on our platform and target an audience of 13-25. Our tools, engine, assets, and community will remain comprised of a mature environment to prepare teenage developers for real-world game development.

Image from Gyazo

With the avatar we have here, we see a potential for unlimited possibilities and hope our community sees the same vision we have.

Developers on Novovu can override these avatars in their games at anytime with their own custom avatar(s).

We will have a demo towards the end of this week of this avatar in action in our engine/Novovu workshop.

We also have a short-poll we would love for you to answer, to get the final feedback from our community before we progress with these avatars or unless we go back to the drawing board.


Be sure to join our Discord! https://discord.gg/dfqjdcD/

Bye for now.

this blog was 420 words, ha ha