Hey all, Its time to spill some beans and give out some important technical information for the Novovu Engine.

The Novovu Engine or its project name (XENON) is inching its way to version XENON.PreAlpha.0.11 and I am very excited as I get to talk and go really in depth on what we are trying to accomplish with our Xenon Engine.


One of the thing's I wanted to do was create a simple user friendly engine that will allow novice users to make great things. It will take some time and more finalization of the process but currently, a lot of features are included in the engine, while some will be added to the Plugin SDK for users to make their own custom plugins for their games, or to create cool ways for others to edit their applications. We intend for users to make their plugins public as much as possible and only keep them under wraps if they are made for a specific game.

With that said here are all of the current features of the Engine vs. the Plugin SDK.


NovovuSimpleShaders - a way for users to add shaders really easily.
NovovuObjectManager - Object manager that handles all script interactions with a Novovu Object.
NovovuAnimationManager - Only animations that are exported in a .FBX file will work so in laymanns terms, they must be created in the 3D Modeling software and then exported into Novovu.
NovovuScriptManager - The beautiful thing that handles all of the scripting modules.

You should expect these features and maybe a few others by the Novovu Keynote, where I will demonstrate making a platformer.

Some models due to their verticies may Not be compatable with the Xenon Rendering Engine.

Plugin SDK

A way to powerfully extend Novovu by adding new logic, or even use C# scripts instead of NovovuJS. With the Plugin SDK you can run an entire game, or just provide simple tools for the editor. A good portion of the Plugin SDK will be available by the Novovu Keynote, where it will then be released afterwards.

HLSL Shaders - Basically a C script that supports shading.
GLSL Shaders - Again some fun shaders that can be made in C. These are what the big boys use.
OrganizedComponents - Components that are listed under a namespace, and can hold a lot of your game's components.

Javascript stuffs

There is a lot to talk about here so lets uhhhh just jump into it :)


Upon the full release of Novovu, or any major change there will be probably script deprecations. Users will ALWAYS have the ability to use whichever version of the scripting language they want and will never be forced to convert code (unless it deals with security), however support may be dropped for that version of NovovuJS, and features may not be added.

Javascript Version

So here it comes a bit rocky so hold on tight I guess.

Novovu Client will support up to ECMA 5.1 (This should be updated soon before the Novovu Release) If you have any issues due to it being virtualized within the C# and compatability stuffs, please contact support so we can fix it.

Novovu Server will support the entire standard of ECMA 6. There shouldn't be any problems with this.

So will all that fun techy stuff done and dusted, please let me know your feedback in the suggestion channel of our Discord. We're in the endgame now.