Novovu Vision Statement

To: create a platform in which players can easily interact and make friends that last forever - to create a platform in which whatever a person can think of can easily be made to reality.

A lot of places take on the idea of "Lets dethrone Roblox, lets do exactly what they did" The entire premise of this platform is not to dethrone Roblox - but to cater to a demographic that Roblox neglects severely: those who age higher than 12. We believe that Roblox serves its purpose and does it in a really good way, but we want to serve a heavily under appreciated community who are really looking for a platform to call home, and that is people who want something more than "MeepCity" and the same murder game made 300 times.

Novovu is a place where people can develop great games - great looking games, great feeling games, great sounding games, and just be great in general. We are doing things differently.

Howdy! We are looking for some talented individuals who really want to help out and not only test our engine, but help make it great! The application will only ask preliminary information, and you will be asked to do an interview after your submission. The requirements are listed below.

QA Tester - Lighting and Game Design
You must have experience in both lighting and game design, and must have examples ready to be looked at.
QA Tester - Object and Scripting
You must have experience in Javascript and familiar with Object Oriented Programming, examples ready to be reviewed.
QA Tester - Game Engine and Workshop
Your main job is to ensure that everything works nicely and neatly. We only have one requirement. Be good at breaking stuff.
In Game API Developer
We are looking for some lovely fellas who want to write the internals for the In Game scripting API, you must be experienced with javascript, and OOP

Here's that application form for anyone who is interested!

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